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Blenheim (Royal)

Medium to large freestone with sweet juicy flavor. Skin yellow with orange hues, flesh is pale orange. Popular apricot in California. Early bloom. Self-fruitful. 500 Hrs



Heavy producer that does well in various soil types. Skin is orange colored with smooth sweet flavor. Good for canning. Self-fruitful. 600 Hrs





Heavy producer of medium size fruit with orange color skin. Cold hardy, frost hardy, does well in colder climates. Recommended for difficult, spring frost- prone climates. Self-fruitful 700 Hrs



Very productive of medium to large fruit, firm, rich flavor, one of the best. Early July in Central California. Self-fruitful. 600 Hrs


Gold Kist

Suited for warmer winter climates. Freestone, smooth flavor heavy bearing tree. Early harvest, 3-4 weeks before Blenheim. Self-Fruitful 700 Hrs


Wenatchee Moorpark

Long-time in Western Oregon and Washington. Recommended for other western climates where spring rain and frost limit apricot culture. Flavorful fruit used fresh, dried or canned. Self-fruitful 700 Hrs



Very low chilling requirements, very productive. Large, all purpose freestone with excellent flavor. Self-fruitful. 300 Hrs