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Large, firm, juicy, sweet nearly black when ripe-superb flavor, the number 1 cherry. Mid-season. Large vigorous tree. Pollinated by Black Tartarian, Van, Rainier and Stella in colder climates. 700 Hrs



Montmorency Sour

Large, light red skin, yellow flesh. The most popular sour cherry. Performs well in colder climates. Very productive. Self fruitful 700 Hrs




Black Tartarian

Medium sized, purplish black, sweet flavor, early season. Vigorous productive tree. Pollenizer required, interfruitfull with all popular sweet cherries. 700 Hrs


Royal Ann

Long-time favorite yellow sweet cherry with red hues. Large fruit is great for eating fresh. Pollenizer required, inter-fruitful with Van and Black Tartarian. Not Bing 700 Hrs



Large, purplish black, sweet fruit. Late harvest makes it a good choice for frost prone areas. Highest quality, rivaling Bing. Pollenized by Van, Rainer, Black Tartarian. 800 Hrs



Heavy bearing does well in colder climates. Medium size fruit. Pollenizer required. Interfruitful with all popular sweet cherries. 700 Hrs