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Flowering Shade Trees


Crape Myrtle “Lagerstroemia indica”

Popular deciduous shrubs or small tree, widely grown for its massive display of stunning, colorful flowers from late spring through late summer. Leaves turn bright shades of red, yellow and orange in fall.


Krauter Vesuvius

Flowering Plum- Dark purple leaves, light pink blossoms, little or no fruit. Small tree, 17ft by 12ft. Does well in the Southwest region of United States.





Western Catalpa “Catalpa Speciosa”

Performs in cold or hot climate. All soil. Train tree when young to develop umbrella shaped. Flowers and pods a little beneath tree. 40-60ft Tall


Newport Flowering Plum

Purplish red leaves, single pink flowers. Will bear a little fruit. Grows up to 20ft by 20ft.


Eleyi Flowering Crabapple

Wine red flowers, dark green leaves with reddish veins and stalks. Irregular, open, graceful. Heavy bearer of small purple-red fruit. Fast growing to 20ft by 20ft.


Thundercloud Flowering Plum

Abundant, light pink to white flowers, dark purple leaves. Sometimes has small fruit.  Grows up to 20ft by 20ft.


Hopa Flowering Crabapple

Fragrant, single flower, red with white center. Very dark green leaves new growth reddish-purple. Red-orange small fruit. Fast growing to 20ft by 20ft.


Jacaranda Mimosifolia

Deciduous to a semi-evergreen tree. Sunset zones 13, 15-24. Native to Brazil. Grows 25ft-40ft tall. Open, irregular, oval head, sometimes multi trunked or even shrubby. Finely cut, fern like leaves, usually dropping in February-March. Lavender blue flowers usually May-June.


Snowdrift Flowering Crabapple-

Late, long lasting single with flowers. Glossy green leaves, small fruit dense, rounded form to 20ft by 20ft.


Southern Magnolia “Magnolia Grandiflora”

Large, fragrant, cupped white flowers decorate this stately evergreen tree from early summer to fall. Dense glossy dark green foliage


Aristocrat Flowering Pear “Pyrus Calleryana”

White blossoms in spring. Glossy foliage turns purplish-red in fall. Fast growing, pyramidal shape to 40ft to 50ft.


Mimosa (Silk Tree) “Albizia Julibrissin”

Rapid growth to 35ft by 50ft wide. Fern-like branches, pink pom-pom flowers. Tolerates hot summer, desert conditions. Drought tolerant, but best with ample water. Sunset zones 2-23


Bradford Flowering Pear “Pyrus Calleryana”

Very desirable ornamental tree. Deciduous. Snow white bloom in spring. Attractive glossy foliage turns red in the fall. Upright growth to 40ft or more.


Desert Willow “Chilopis Linearis”

Small tree grows  moderately fast to 20ft tall. Long narrow leaves, distinctive crooked trunks with shaggy bark. Attractive summer flowers. Sunset Zones 11-13, 18-21