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Popular variety in California and western Oregon. Medium to large size white fleshed freestone. Sweet flavor vigorous and productive. Ripen in August. Self-fruitful 400 hrs


Nectarina Dwarf

Smell genetic dwarf excellent for patio pots. Skin yellow with red blush, orange fleshed freestone. Ripens in late July. Tree grows to 5ft. Self-fruitful 300 Hrs





Medium to large fruit with red skin, firm yellow freestone. Rich flavor, fine texture. Winter and frost hardy. Early July in Central California. Self-fruitful 700 Hrs



Popular warm climate variety with heavy production. Excellent flavor, juicy and sweet. Large red skinned, yellow flesh freestone. Mid-season. Self-fruitful 250 Hrs


Le Grand

Yellow flesh, semi-cling with soft texture. Large fruit, heavy producer. Self-fruitful. 400 Hrs