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Popular pear commercially. Large fruit with golden green skin. High quality fruit with tender, sweet flavor. Performs well during hot summer months. Pollinated by Bosc, D’Anjou. 800 Hrs




Very productive tree that produces large fruit. White flesh, juicy that keeps well. Short necked, firm, top quality. Pollinated by Bartlett. 800 Hrs






Long necked, narrow shape, brown skin. Fruit has smooth texture and juicy. Harvest late October. Susceptible to fire blight in warm, moist climates. Pollinated by Bartlett or other pears. 800 Hrs


Shinseiki “Asian”

Very popular pear produces crisp, juicy, sweet fruit. Yellow skin, keeps well. Vigorous grower, produce a lot fruit. Self-fruitful. 350-450 Hrs



Very popular commercially, sweet, smooth texture, one of the best quality pears on the market. Short neck, greenish-yellow. Late harvest. Self-fruitful in the arid west or plant with Bartlett. 600 Hrs


20th Century “Asian”

Knows as the (Apple Pear) has the flavor of a pear but texture of an apple. Juicy, sweet, medium size. Produces a lot of fruit. Self-fruitful or pollinated by Shinseiki, Bartlett. 450 Hrs