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Plums & Prunes


Elephant Heart

Long time favorite, large, sweet, juicy, deep red flesh, one of the best. Dark reddish purple skin. Does well in cooler climates, heavy bearing. Pollinated by Beauty or Santa Rosa. 500 Hrs



Italian Stone

Large, dark purple-skin. Smooth sweet flavor when ripe. Vigorous grower. Used fresh, dried, canned. Vigorous, cold hardy tree. August harvest. Self-fruitful. 800 Hrs





Large, purple-red skin, sweet, juicy, firm. Red flesh, with fine texture. Does well in warmer climates. Pollinated by Beauty or Santa Rosa. 250 Hrs



Does well in the colder climates. Fruit is large, dark blue skin, juicy, sweet, yellow flesh, freestone late summer harvest. Extremely cold hardy and reliable. Self-fruitful 800 Hrs


Santa Rosa

Most popular backyard plum in California and Arizona. Juicy, tangy, very aromatic. Reddish-purple skin, amber flesh, very flavorful. Early season. Self-fruitful. 300 Hrs





Popular red skin and dark meaty flesh plum. Sugary smooth flavor, not tart. Harvest late July. Pollinated by Santa Rosa or Beauty. 300 Hrs