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Ambassador- HT

Profusely blooming, tall, vigorous bush smothered in rich, apricot orange blooms. Glossy, dark green foliage provides the perfect backdrop. A garden sensation.


Angel Face- FL

Rudy buds open to ruffled, very fragrant, rich lavender blooms. Medium low, vigorous plant for hedges or borders. AARS WINNER


Arizona- GR

Coppery orange buds open to glowing golden blooms brushed with scarlet. AARS WINNER


Bewitched- HT

A vigorous, upright rose with showy buds and large enchanting pink fragrant flowers. Blooms are borne singly on tall stems above handsome, apple-green foliage. A superb cut or in borders. AARS WINNER


Blue Girl- HT

Large, fragrant, well formed silvery lilac blue blooms. Vigorous, disease- resistant bush with dark green foliage.



Lush, coral pink blooms with the color deepening dramatically on the outer edges. Large, dark green, glossy foliage and long stems. Long lasting as a cut flower. AARS WINNER PP# 8591


Bronze Masterpiece-HT

Bronze-apricot long buds that become orange-yellow. Moderate fragrance. Glossy, leathery foliage, vigorous upright growth.


Bronze Sunset-HT

Radiantly colored blooms in sunset tones. A sumptuous blend or orange hues above rich green foliage. These large voluptuous flowers are ideal in any landscape or floral arrangement. PP#16329



A superb AARS award winner with regal salmon pink blooms. A tall elegant shrub that performs well in heat and releases a rich royal fragrance. AARS WINNER


Carefree Spirit- Shrub

Red white mounding compact bushy shrub. Disease resistant. AARS WINNER PPAF



Small very double, creamy yellow petals are edged with deep orange red color. A compact bushy shrub with abundant blooms. AARS WINNER


Cherry Parfait-GR

Whorls of white petals with a broad, cherry red edge are a delicious treat for the garden. They are the ideal topping for the lush green foliage. A delectable rounded bushy shrub for massing or borders. AARS WINNER PP#12802


Chicago Peace-HT

Huge blooms of rich, shimmering canary yellow tinged with pink on a single stem. Identical to the Peace rose in form, size. Vigorous grower.


Christian Dior-HT

Vigorous growing rose prized for its long stemmed, vibrant red, high-centered flowers. Covered with leathery deep green foliage. A superb cut flower. AARS WINNER


Chrysler Imperial- HT

Large clusters of velvety red blooms release their strong perfume as they climb over fences, trellises and arbors. AARS WINNER


Cinco de Mayo™ FL

Smoky lavender and rusty red-orange blend flowers. Super clean glossy-green foliage. AARS WINNER PPAF


Color Magic-HT

Large double ivory colored flowers blush to deep rose-pink with age. This rose will fill the air with its fruity fragrance. Handsome bushy upright growth. AARS WINNER


Diamond Jubilee-HT

Tapered buds open to large, cupped, double blooms of brilliant buff-yellow with a delightful fragrance. Upright, compact plant with leathery foliage. AARS WINNER




Dolly Parton-HT

Vibrant orange-red blooms are as attractive as their namesake. Extremely fragrant flowers are an added bonus making this a show –stopper in any landscape. Performs well as a cut flower. PP#5608


Donna Darlin-HT

ovely repeat bloomer having fragrant red blooms accented with yellow. Excellent for fresh cut arrangement. Attractive in landscapes, in shrub borders or as a specimen. PP#10112


Double Delight-HT

An all time favorite. Blooms are magnificent in color, form and fragrance. Long cutting stems. Vigorous. AARS WINNER


Dr. Bob Harvey-HT

Exquisite light pink flowers with a cream colored reverse accent the lush green foliage. A superb flower with a delicate fragrance. Ideal for fresh arrangements. PP# 9246



High cantered , light pink, double ruffled, slightly fragrant. Dark green glossy foliage. AARS WINNER



Elegantly long, tapered, golden yellow buds, open to lovely sunshine yellow flowers. Fine for cutting. Vigorous plants.


Editor Tommy Cairns-HT

An excellent repeat bloomers with fragrant, blended pink blooms. Ideal for fresh arrangements or for making potpourri. PP# 8672


Electron- HT

Large, full, electric pink blooms dazzles onlookers with its color and sweet rose fragrance. A vigorous upright grower with handsome, deep green foliage. AARS WINNER



Tremendous clusters of blooms, low, compact, well-shaped plants with lustrous foliage. AARS WINNER


First Prize-HT

Satiny rose-pink blooms which becomes a shade lighter toward their centers. AARS WINNER


Fragrant Cloud- HT

Large beautifully shaped bright coral red blooms with luxurious fragrance. Rich, dark green foliage. Vigorous, upright plants.


Frivolous Pink-HT

Showy pink, semi-double flowers that repeat bloom later in the season. Lush green foliage adds the ideal background. Great for low borders and container gardens. PP#15638


Front Page-HT

This large flowered rose of rich red petals release a delicate fragrance. The lush green foliage provides the perfect background. Makes a dazzling addition to any garden or floral arrangement. PP#12609