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Garden Party - HT

Pale yellow to white-pink tinged. Slight fragrance, semi-glossy foliage. AARS WINNER


Gene Boerner - FL

Large perfectly shaped blooms of clear pink, borne singly and in clusters. Light green foliage, upright bush. AARS WINNER


George Burns-FL

This boldly striped floribunda sports yellow, red and cream coloring. Strong fruit and citrus fragrance. Delightful in any landscape, stunning in borders, masses, or in floral arrangements. PP# 10334



Pure orange flowers. Borne in small clusters, slight fragrance; dark green foliage; vigorous, upright, bushy growth.


Gold Glow-HT

Large, semi-double golden-bronze flowers with a delightful fragrance. Bronzy, glossy foliage on a vigorous plant.


Golden Masterpiece-HT

Graceful, long buds open to magnificent blooms of rich gold. Very fragrant. Vigorous  bush.


Goldilocks- FL

Deep yellow flowers fading to cream. Moderate fragrant blooms in clusters. Medium green, large foliage.



A lovely white rose that releases a delicate fragrance. The lush green foliage provides the perfect background. Makes a dazzling addition to any garden. PP # 13676



Deep lilac to purple buds opening into high-centered blooms of rich magenta changing to a clear lilac. Raspberry fragrance.


Helmut Schmidt-HT

A compact upright plant with stately, fragrant blooms on long cutting stems. Handsome foliage contrasts beautifully with blooms. As stunning flower for fresh arrangement or in the landscape.



Large, satiny, pure white blooms with dark green, leathery foliage make this a striking addition to the rose garden. Attractive, tall, upright form. Makes an elegant cut flower.


Hot Cocoa-FL

Large, smoky, chocolate orange ruffled blooms look absolutely scrumptious in the landscape. Releases a delectable old rose fragrance. Stunning as a cut flower or in the landscape. AARS WINNER PP# 15155


Iceberg – FL

One of Southern California’s most popular roses. Glistening with buds and blooms almost continuously cover the well-shaped, nearly thorn less plants.


Intrepid Red- HT

A large flowered rose with strongly fragrant, rich red petals set against a background of lush green foliage. Repeat blooms later in the season. Superb in floral arrangements. PP#15824


Jack Frost-HT

Large white flowers. Vigorous grower.


John F. Kennedy-HT

Large, white, high centered, beautifully shaped blooms are borne on strong, vigorous stem. Glossy leathery foliage.


Just Joey-HT

Large, very fragrant flowers of orange to soft apricot. Classic form. Glossy leathery foliage. Free blooming.


King’s Ransom -HT

Clear golden yellow blooms are large and fragrant. The bush is vigorous and upright with glossy leathery foliage. AARS WINNER




Knock Out- Shrub

Medium flowers, light red to deep pink, single, 5-11 petals, tea fragrance. Large medium green foliage, semi-glossy, very disease resistant. Bushy, rounded, medium growth. AARS WINNER PP # 11836


Louise Estes- HT

Warm blends of pink tones with a white reverse maturing to medium pink. High centered, double flowering blooms with a rich, fruity aroma. Disease resistant, repeat blooming.


Love- HT

You’ll love this two-toned beauty with scarlet red petals and white reverse. Shapely bloom with mild fragrance appear amid very dark green foliage. Excellent accent for fresh arrangements. AARS WINN


Lowell Thomas-HT

Rich yellow flowers. Leathery foliage. Vigorous, upright, bushy, compact growth. AARS WINNER



Maggie Barry- HT

Large brilliant orange flowers. Dark green, glossy foliage.



Long pointed bud. Double orange flowers with glossy foliage. Upright growth


Medallion- HT

Long, pointed buds open into very large, fragrant blooms of delicate apricot. Large, leathery foliage on a vigorous shrub. AARS WINNER



Tremendous cluster of blooms. Low, compact, well-shaped plant with lustrous foliage. AARS WINNER


Miss All-American Beauty-HT

Large, very fragrant dark pink blooms borne singly on strong stems. Vigorous. AARS WINNER


Miss Amber-HT

HT Cheerful orange colored blooms put on a dazzling show above the rich green foliage. These large elegant flowers are as great in the case as in the garden. PP# 16157


Mister Lincoln-HT

Large, deep red, velvety blooms, one to a stem. Fragrant. Vigorous plant, dark green foliage. AARS WINNER