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Night N Day-HT

Bright red with black blushes. Buds pointed. Large double flowers with moderate fragrance. Dark leathery foliage; vigorous, tall busy growth.



Large, dusky dark, velvety red, fully double blooms are enhanced by a delicious, intense rose fragrance. Busy plant with lush, large foliage is a bold statement in any landscape.

Old Timer-HT


Bronze flowers, long pointed, with a slight fragrance. Leathery foliage, upright growth.

Ole’- GR


Fragrant, fiery orange-red blooms recur almost continuously from spring until frost.  Vigorous. Glossy green foliage.



Very popular, brilliant, non-fading red bloom of classic form are produced freely on long cutting stems. Very mildew resistance foliage on an upright, bushy plant. AARS WINNER



Magnificent deep lemon yellow blooms with a delicate tea fragrance are borne singly on long stems. AARS WINNER



A novel rose of classic form and distinct fragrance. Large, double lavender blooms are accented with ruby red tips. Has attractive busy growth with dark green foliage. An excellent rose for cuttings. AARS WINNER


Pascali- Ht

A novel rose of classic form and distinct fragrance. Large, double lavender blooms are accented with ruby red tips. Has attractive busy growth with dark green foliage. An excellent rose for cuttings. AARS WINNER



Magnificent blooms of soft, clear yellow edged with pink, on strong stems. Large, dark, leathery foliage. Vigorous. AARS WINNER


Perfume Delight-HT

Deep pink flowers, large, double, cupped, intense fragrance; leathery large foliage; vigorous, upright bushy growth. AARS WIN


Perfume Tiger-FL

Red and white striped blooms with a strong old rose fragrance. Small, very double blooms. A superb rose for borders or mass planting. Striking cut flower.


Pink Promise-HT

Our AARS winner hybridized by Jim Coiner- Pink Promise will be the showcase of your garden with its large, beautifully formed pink-blend flowers and strong green foliage. Highly fragrant. Cuts well. AARS WINNER


Princess de Monaco-HT

Shapely yellow buds tipped in red open to royal and elegantly colored blooms of ivory blushed with pink. The fragrant blooms are robed in glossy green foliage. Valued by Princess Grace in her home.


Proud Land HT

Velvety rich red blooms with a sweet fragrance on long stems. A vigorous, upright growing shrub with dark green foliage.


Queen Elizabeth-GR 

Blooms are a lovely blend of carmine-rose and dawn pink on strong stems. Dark glossy leathery foliage. AARS WINNER


Red Masterpiece- HT

Large, deep red, double flowers are richly fragrant and carried on long stems. Vigorous growing shrub with large dark green foliage and upright form. Superb for cut flower arrangements.



Large, very fragrant flowers of orange to soft apricot. Classic form. Glossy leathery foliage. Free blooming.


Royal Highness-HT

A classic beauty with blooms of soft delicate pink borne singly on long strong stems. Enticing fragrance. AARS WINNER





Vigorous, hardy variety. Long blooming bushy shrub with clean glossy foliage. Fragrant burgundy double blooms swirled with white. Striking specimen or accent shrub for any garden. AARS WINNER PP# 10126


Snow Fire- Shrub

Bright red petals with white reverse. Slight fragrance.



Popular florist rose widely grown for its large shapely coral pink flowers with a delightful fragrance. A vigorous bushy plant with glossy deep green foliage. Ideal for cut flower arrangements.


Sterling Silver-HT

HT Bloom are a distinctive pale pastel lilac and very fragrant. The bush is vigorous, has dark glossy foliage and abundant bloom.


Summer Sunshine-HT

High cantered , light pink, double ruffled, slightly fragrant. Dark green glossy foliage. AARS WINNER


Sun Flare-FL

Rich yellow flowers. Leathery foliage. Vigorous, upright, bushy, compact growth. AARS WINNER


Sunset Celebration-HT

Spectacular blooms in rich blends of creamy apricot borne on long stems above deep green foliage. Excellent long lasting cut flowers. Great in the landscape, as a specimen or accent. AARS WINNER



Deep yellow double flowers appear on upright stems in summer. These showy blooms are fragrant as well as an attractive addition to the landscape. Ideal in formal hedge, barrier or accent.


Super Gold- HT

Lovely light yellow blooms carried on long stems above deep green foliage. Repeat blooms. Long lasting as cut flowers. Great in landscape, as a specimen or accent. PP# 12739


Touch of Class- HT

The number one exhibition rose that is also a wonderful garden rose. Pinkish coral high centered blooms are produced freely on a tall long stemmed plant.



A brilliant coral-orange rose that retains color with long lasting blooms. Very fragrant. Disease resistant. AARS WINNER



A compact plant that blares out “look at me” with this brilliant orange scarlet fragrant flowers clustered on glossy green foliage. Striking specimen or accent shrub for any garden.


Uncle Joe- HT

HT Very fragrant, large, dark velvety red blooms. Leathery foliage is rich, dark green. Excellent specimen or accent shrub for any garden. Good for cut flower arrangements.


Why Not Cherise- HT

An easy to grow, continuously flowering rose attaining less than half the size of large garden roses. A compact, busy form topped with cerise pink blooms. Just right for low borders and containers. PP#16214


Yankee Doodle-HT

ong pointed buds open t form apricot to butter yellow to peachy pink flowers. Blooms are large and fragrant on a vigorous bushy habit. Makes a striking cut flower.   AARS WINNER