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Shade Trees


Arizona Ash- “Fraxinus Velutina”

Hardy, fast growing shade tree that tolerates hot and dry conditions. Pyramidal when young, it matures into an attractive spreading, more open form. A superb cold hardy, landscape tree.


Lombardy Poplar “ Populus Nigra”

Rapid growth to 40ft to 90ft tall. Columnar form, used for quick screen or wind break, yellow fall color. Shimmering leaves are especially distinctive ornamental. All Zones.




Fan Tex Ash- “Fraxinus Velutina Fan Tex”

superior selection of Arizona ash. Large dark green leaves, symmetrical canopy, fast growing, seedless. Good tree for south western desert climates.  


Western Cottonwood “Populus Fremonti”

Fast growing to 60ft by 30ft. Wide shimmering leaves are especially distinctive, ornamental. Widely adaptive, including desert. Yellow fall color. Sunset zones 7-24


Modesto Ash- “Fraxinus Velutina Glabra”

Beautiful deciduous shade tree for low desert climates. Does well in hot climates. Vigorous, up to 50 ft tall. Sunset zone 3-24


American Sycamore “Platanus Occidentalis"

Fast growth similar to London Plane tree- new bark is whiter, very hardy tree. All Zones


Raywood Ash “Fraxinus Oxycarpa”

Fast growing, tolerates heat, cold, various soils. Will become a large shade tree. Purplish-red fall color. 25-35 ft tall.


California Sycamore “Platanus Racemosa”

A large tree 80 ft – 100 ft tall. Large, light green leaves lobed like maple. Mottled, multi colored trunks due to bark shedding in patches. Tolerates heat, wind, likes deep watering in summer. Sunset zones 4-24


European White Birch “Betula Pendula”

Will grow up to 30-40 ft. Weeping side branches and soft, lace foliage. White bark completes the look of the tree. Does well with lots of water. Sunset zone 1-11, 14-24


European Sycamore “ Platanus”

London Plane tree fast growing to 40ft-80ft tall, 30ft-40ft spread. Smooth, creamy colored upper trunk and limbs. Tolerates most soils stands up beautifully under city smog and dust. Great tree for streets, parks and lawns. Sunset Zones 2-24.


Honeylocust- “Gladitsia Triacanthos”

Distinctive small leaflets, long seed pods. Tolerates heat, cold, wind, drought, alkaline soil. Grows up to 40ft to 50ft tall. Sunset zones 1-16, 18-20


Texas Umbrella “ Melia Azedarach”

Dense, dome shaped canopy, dark forest green leaves. Very tolerant of heat, wind, drought and alkaline soil. Grows to 30ft by 30ft. Zones 8-24.


Silver Maple “Acer Saccharnium”

Red, orange and yellow fall colors in cooler climates. Big shade tree can grow 40ft to 90ft tall. Sunset zones 1-9, 14-24


Globe Willow “Salix Matsudana umbraculifera” 

Fast growing to 35ft by 35ft. Round (umbrella) shaped canopy, long narrow leaves. Short dormant period. Drought tolerant adapted to most zones including high desert. All zones.


Mulberry Fruitless “Morus Alba”

Fast-growing  to 40ft by 40ft. Drought tolerant does well in desert climates. Good for all zones.


Weeping Willow “Salix Babylonica”

Fast growing, cold hardy, short dormant period. Long narrow leaves, pronounced weeping growth habits. Needs plenty of water.  Large tree 40ft tall by 30ft wide. All zones.


Cottonless Cottonwood “Populus Candicans”

Broad-topped tree grows up to 60ft. Shimmering leaves are specially distinctive, ornamental. Widely adapted, including desert. Very fast growing. All zones.